Apollo Theatre Seating Plan

The Apollo Theatre is a three galleried auditorium split over four levels.

The balcony, at level three, is the steepest in London with accompanying superb views. The total capacity is 775 split over the stalls, dress circle, upper circle and balcony.

As you’d expect the stalls are closest to the stage with the best views, especially towards the front. The dress circle delivers excellent views of the stage and tends to be around the same price as the stalls. The upper circle, higher still, is further from the action and a lot cheaper, more so the further back in the section you go. Views from the far end are not too good!

The furthest area from the stage, the balcony, is far from the best and even cheaper again. The views and acoustics are nowhere near as good as the stalls and dress circle and seats are priced accordingly. But they’re fine if you’re after an absolute bargain!

Check our row O for the best legroom in the stalls. The same goes for G1 and G2 in the dress circle, both perfect for particularly tall people!